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Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo fenio at o2.pl
Fri Jan 16 15:34:55 CET 2004

On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 03:18:35PM +0100, Ragnar Ouchterlony wrote:
> > > It always shows -1, -1, but you should be able to get a previuosly
> > > downloaded table if you type the correct league-id/season.
> > Grrr... It's really annoying thing. Don't you think it should be set to
> > my league by default? I think that most users wants to look at its
> > league table ;)
> Yes, yes, yes (ad infinitum). But we need to implement a good way to get
> the current team and it's league etc. It will be done, please be
> patient. :-)
Hmm.. I thought that league id is in hrf file in some readable format,
but now I've checked it and it's not ;)
Ok, I won't ask for it once again, cause it's not trivial thing to do.
> > > It's fun for me to see Mattricks in Polish. I actually haven't tried
> > > another languague yet.
> I have tried it in Polish, but my fonts didn't support the Polish
> characters, which makes it look rather funny.
I can send you some ISO-8859-2 fonts if you want ;)))
> > > > > OK, I do not get that behavious on my Win-98 computer.
> > > > But Ragnar said that he has some odd behaviour there.
> > > Seems to be a GTK-thing, then.
> > As far as I know, wxWindows uses MFC under Windows right?
> What is MFC?
Microsoft Foundation Class Library. Library that provides some classes
for building interfaces under Windows. I thought that wxWindows uses GTK
under Linux, and MFC under Windows, but I was wrong.
I've checked it in FAQ on wxWindows page ;)

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