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Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo fenio at o2.pl
Fri Jan 16 15:24:52 CET 2004

On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 03:05:47PM +0100, Ragnar Ouchterlony wrote:
> > > > 2) On summary page there is some odd string near right edge of Mattricks
> > > >    window. It looks like "itma" or "itra". I don't know what is it.
> > > Could you make a screen shot?
> > Sure. Here it is: http://skawina.eu.org/shot.jpg
> Precisely, it happens for me when it tries to load an image that doesn't
> exist too. Will be fixed sometime.
I've tried to find error in SummaryPage.py but it looks to complicated
for me now. But the good information is that I've added Python Manual to
my Bookmarks ;)
> > > I do not get anything like that. You are
> > > using some linux, right?
> > Yep, Debian GNU/Linux Sid/Unstable ;)
> I run Debian Sarge/Testing with some Sid in it. :) Oscar runs Windows
> (most often anyway :)).
I saw that there is debian/* directory in Mattricks sources. What about
putting Mattricks in Debian distribution?
Or at least on mentors.debian.net right now.
> > > Quite a few of these changes are planned. I agree with you that it
> > > would be useful to save which games are viewed, didn't think of that
> > > before.
> > It would be nice feature because Hattrick webpage doesn't support
> > "saving" selected matches between sessions. Mattricks != Hattrick so he
> > could save it ;)
> Indeed, especially when testing things it is very convenient. I will
> probably add this rather soon. :)
Before Sunday? ;)
> > Hmm.. I think that way how it's done right now it's the worst possible.
> > Maybe simple popup list with favourite leagues and a button to
> > Add/Remove them from that list? I don't think that someone would be
> > changing prefered list of leagues to often, so the better way would be
> > to simplify choosing leagues from previously selected, and other
> > "harder" way to modify this list.
> Someone had a table for choosing "IIj, Sweden" and then convert it to a
> league id. That is not rather convenient though since the file was 6MB. It
> really would be good to have a better way to do this.
No, I don't know such a database. I would like to have simple form in
which I could write:

		League ID:       Name:
         [  32492  ]      [ Ragnar's league ]

Then everyone could have as big database as he wants. 
If someone wants to add another league then he could find ID on
Hattrick's webpages.
> > BTW when do you intend to release new version?
> > And don't tell me standard answer: when it's ready ;)
> When it is ready. :) We have so far been able to have a release schedule
> of about 1 - 2 months. Hopefully this holds this time too. The 0.5 will
> probably be a "in-between" version with both the old hrf stuff and the new
> xml stuff. The hrf stuff will go eventually (I plan to use a script to
> convert hrf:s into xml:s, at least I think so now :)).
So think about it continually ;)
I don't want to lost my old data ;)
> > And I prefer to submit feedback because there are always chances that
> > new version will be more similar to what I've imagine ;)
> > And that's the power of OpenSource software!
> Indeed. As long as it doesn't lead to flamewars, project splits
> etc. (galeon/epiphany anyone?).
You can always merge useful features from one to another.
But yes, I agree sometimes people have different opinions, and then many
projects splits up unnecessary. Hopefully this won't happen with
Mattricks ;)

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