[Mattricks] Wishlist.

Oscar Gustafsson oscar at lysator.liu.se
Fri Jan 16 14:55:29 CET 2004

On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo wrote:
> Doh. I thought I have set it before. Ok now it works for players and
> summary, but it still doesn't show anything about my league.
> Default entries are -1, -1, but if I change it to my data then Mattricks
> even doesn't has to download it. So it's saved somewhere but it's not
> displayed at start.
It always shows -1, -1, but you should be able to get a previuosly
downloaded table if you type the correct league-id/season.

> > > 2) On summary page there is some odd string near right edge of Mattricks
> > >    window. It looks like "itma" or "itra". I don't know what is it.
> > Could you make a screen shot?
> Sure. Here it is: http://skawina.eu.org/shot.jpg
Nice one. :-)

It's fun for me to see Mattricks in Polish. I actually haven't tried
another languague yet.

I guess it has something to do with that you do not have a logo there. I
do not get this on Win 98.

> > OK, I do not get that behavious on my Win-98 computer.
> But Ragnar said that he has some odd behaviour there.
Seems to be a GTK-thing, then.

> It would be nice feature because Hattrick webpage doesn't support
> "saving" selected matches between sessions. Mattricks != Hattrick so he
> could save it ;)

> > > 2) League tables.
> > >    Favourite list once again ;) It would be nice to have some favourite
> > >    list of leagues of friends, and button to quickly switch between them.
> > This is also very likely to happen. Most likely in the form that there is
> > a combo box where you can select between all previously downloaded
> > fixtures.
> But it would be nice to have possibility to name those fixtures. I mean
> I don't want to choose between 32492.9 and 34742.9, but between Alice
> and Bob ;)
Yes, my plan was like "IIj (Sverige)" and so on, but I guess that
arbitrary names can be used (some day).

> I know that Python is quite easy and it's preferred language for
> education, but unfortunately I've got problems with learning anything
> new, and in addition I have to learn C and Java for my classes.
> Maybe I'll try to get to know Python later and I'll try to help you.
Sounds good! This wasn't meant for you personally, but more of an attempt
to get some more people contributing.

> > You can try it without having a newly picked youth. :-)
> Thanks for answer ;)
You are welcome!


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