[Mattricks] Wishlist.

Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo fenio at o2.pl
Fri Jan 16 13:40:53 CET 2004


First of all I would like to say that Mattricks has big chance to became the
best program for Hattrick's managers. It's better every day, and
I really admire your skills and enthiusiasm in developing it ;)
Thanks for your great job! Keep going ;)

Now some weird behaviour of Mattricks:

1) I suppose that he should remember my data?
   After launching it I've got empty tables/player lists and so on.
   I have to open some previous hrf file or download a new one, and then he 
   load even all of old hrf files.

2) On summary page there is some odd string near right edge of Mattricks
   window. It looks like "itma" or "itra". I don't know what is it.

3) Money. I suppose that it's displayed in Swedish currency.
   But Mattricks add "Zloty" suffix (it's Polish currency). 
   Could you change it to show always numbers in someone's currency?

4) Match predictions. If I paste some values from Match details then
   something weird happens. They are pasted well to Match prediction
   dialogue, but let's assume that it has pasted "poor" value for some
   formation and then I'll try to change it and click this popup menu,
   there is other level active. In this case it's "weak".
   For that reason it's impossible to change it to "weak".
   I know that it sounds cramped, but my English isn't perfect :/
   Maybe you should try to "play with it" for some time and then you'll
   see the same effect.

And now my personal wishlist. I'll be thankful for coding it or
at least for add it to TODO list ;)

1) Match viewer.
   Mattricks should remember chosen matches. I mean it would be great to
   pickup some matches on Saturday and launch Mattricks on Sunday and watch
   the games immediately. So Mattricks should save list of chosen
   matches and maybe delete them aftere there were played.
   Favourite list.
   It would be really great to have some favourite list. I mean I've got
   some friens in Hattrick and I often watch their games. So it would be
   nice to have some list of friends and button to add their next match to
   Match viewer.
2) League tables.
   Favourite list once again ;) It would be nice to have some favourite
   list of leagues of friends, and button to quickly switch between them.

3) Lineup selection.
   Someone's asked for it if I remember correctly. It would be nice to
   have possibility to choose formation (4-4-2, 3-5-2, and so on), before 
   picking team.
   Choosing between sparing/league match also would be useful. I mean
   players can play with red cards in sparings.

Last but not least. 
What is Junior Spy? How to use it?

That's all from me now ;) I hope you consider these changes positively ;)
Once again thanks for great job you've done already and good luck with
next ones! ;)


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