[Mattricks] Mac issues

Kent Karlsson kent at popwire.com
Mon Jan 12 17:26:53 CET 2004

On 2004-01-12, at 17.10, Ragnar Ouchterlony wrote:

> It would, I don't have a Mac to try on, so I can't do that. You can
> install linux on a Mac too. :-)

I don't think that will happen, but I might install wxPython on a 
linuxmachine at work and try it out over X11.

> No, not yet. You're not the first one to ask. I *will* do this before 
> next
> version. I keep getting the wrong formation too. It's unfortunately not
> good enough when selecting the formation itself (for now at least).

I tried to read the code, but I didn't really get what was happening, 
partly due to Python but not entirely. =)

Have you seen this: http://www.databased.at/hattrick/x-ray/index.asp?
I also lack a way to go directly from a unplayed match to the 
MatchPrediction using the info from both teams last match. =)

-- kent

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