[Mattricks] SIGBUS on MacOS X

Ragnar Ouchterlony ragnar at lysator.liu.se
Fri Jan 9 20:24:44 CET 2004

On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, Kent Karlsson wrote:

> It sounds to me as if the crash is due to the UTF-8 chars, it is a
> GetString call that causes the crash after all. Ill try to remove any
> UFT-8 chars and see what happens.

The only UTF-8 chars that exists come from XML:s or HRF:s from hattrick,
so I don't think that is the answer. *I* think (and Oscar seemed to agree)
that it is something strange with the Combobox (it is a GetValue() from
that that seems to cause the crash, at least that is what I can read from
the output you gave).

> About making a dist, I'll check if there is any nifty tool to make a
> .app that launches python. We probably have to make a installer for the
> PyXML package as well I think.

That would be good, yes.


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