[Mattricks] SIGBUS on MacOS X

Kent Karlsson kentk at mac.com
Fri Jan 9 20:04:22 CET 2004

On 2004-01-09, at 18.09, Ragnar Ouchterlony wrote:

> I wonder what could be the problem in the prediction tab. It thought 
> it didn't use
> much dangerous code. And we use ISO-8859-1 as the encoding everywhere
> (except with characters that don't exist in ISO-8859-1 we use
> UTF-8). Other people have noticed that particularily the tabs are 
> prone to
> not working with åäö. I really should look into that.

It sounds to me as if the crash is due to the UTF-8 chars, it is a 
GetString call that causes the crash after all. Ill try to remove any 
UFT-8 chars and see what happens.

About making a dist, I'll check if there is any nifty tool to make a 
.app that launches python. We probably have to make a installer for the 
PyXML package as well I think.

-- kent 

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