[Mattricks] intresting idea

bart bart at bartgymnast.org
Tue Feb 24 19:30:34 CET 2004

I do alot of research and bug reporting offcourse.
now I have come up with a nice thing for mattricks
maybe it is possible, as alot of my friends, would like it to see.
it is the following

current everything is coming to XML
and from october this year, hrf files won't exists anymore.
now, when I look in my hrf directory, I see like 100 different hrf files.
as I update it automatically every day.
now, this is a bit getting messy.
there should be a oportunity to either make a db file, to get them all 
in to, where mattricks get his data from.
or stick with the normal hrf file (so choosing in preferences) maybe an 
MySQL db or just a local db file

tell me what you all think about this, and if it is possible.

/ bart

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