[Mattricks] new here

Ragnar Ouchterlony ragnar at lysator.liu.se
Tue Feb 3 12:26:25 CET 2004

On Tue, 3 Feb 2004, Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo wrote:

> We've got seven instances of nouns.
> If I have to say normally date then it's " 3 luty 2004 "
> But when I have to say that page has been view [] since [date] then it
> should be " 3 lutego 2004 ".
> Maybe you want to show you another instances? ;)
> If I would like to say that I'll go on vacation on February, then it
> should be " w lutym ". That's one of reason why Polish language isn't
> the simplest one ;)
> Conclusion. It would be nice to have two versions of names of months.
> I don't suspect, that more formats of dates will be used on homepage.
> But these two are being used now.

Now I see what you mean. You are referring to the "Paged viewed 17 times
since February the 3rd in the year of 2004? This is an internal feature of
the Roxen webserver (this webserver is used on lysator) we use for
counting the visitors. It isn't solvable by me, you would need to complain
with the makers of the webserver.


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