[Mattricks] players command

Arkadiusz Kindziuk nare at charybda.icm.edu.pl
Mon Feb 2 14:53:38 CET 2004


27 jan 2004 16:08, Kent Karlsson wrote:
> I've waved a magic wand at the players command, let me know what you
> think.
> Changes:
> 	* Removed -l, --league option
> 	* Fetches team_id and season if they aren't specified
> 	* Added some documentation
> 	* Changed some write's to make it possible to translate them
	* copy option --user,  --pasword, -d from command fetch to command 
players (or better move these options to main options). For instance
$> mattricks.py   -u narepl -p xxx       players -s 9 -t 264971

Arkadiusz Kindziuk

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