[Mattricks] Key_event found

Oscar Gustafsson oscar at lysator.liu.se
Tue Aug 24 10:11:26 CEST 2004


Here is the reply from the CHPP conference:


Thanks for the answers.

>>* 106/206 is missing in your version, however I have seen examples of it
>Ooops! I've lost this one :-( What SE is 106/206?
The same as 105/108, unless there is a subtle difference I haven't
One of them (was it 105?) is an assist, the other two regulars if I
remember correctly.

>I think that there are 2 corner S.E. one involving a head specialist and
scored with the head (118) >and other with a non-head specialist

Haven't checked the texts again yet. However, texts are slightly
misleading sometimes, for "entertainment purposes" as an LA put it.
I agree that your distinction makes sense. Is there anything in the rules
to that respect?

>I think that there is at least two winger S.E. one passing to a winger
and/or forward head
>specialist (and scored with head) (137) and other scored by a forward and
may be a winger
>non-head specialist with sufficient scoring skill.

That would be analogous to the corner event. I like that idea.

>> * 238 is mentioned, have you ever seen it?
> I'm not sure, when I fond a 2xx chance or a 1xx goal I put the other
But In the 50k matches on Hattristics none had 238.
Good choice to have it in there anyway, since the 1xx vs 2xx scheme for
goal and chances seems pretty clear.



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