[Mattricks] MatchViewerPage patch

Carles Muñoz Gorriz carlesmu at ya.com
Wed Aug 18 19:54:52 CEST 2004

En/na Oscar Gustafsson ha escrit:
> I posted a link to the source in the CHPP conference in a discussion about
> event keys. Here is the reply:

Thanks, I only reviewed matches and I didn't retain the match ids :(

> Looks pretty much the same. Let me point out the differences:
> * 106/206 is missing in your version, however I have seen examples of it

Ooops! I've lost this one :-(  What SE is 106/206?

> * 118 is classified as corner (Hattristics: corner+head) and 119 as
> co+head (Hattristics: head) Let me check that again with the German texts
 > * In your opinion, is 119 regular chance? Does it not involve a head
 > specialist?

I think that there are 2 corner S.E. one involving a head specialist and 
scored with the head (118) and other with a non-head specialist (119).

> * 137 is "winger to head". Does that mean, it needs a head specialist in
> the middle?
 > * 138: does it need to be a winger who has the passing, is there a
 > specialty involved?

I think that there is at least two winger S.E. one passing to a winger 
and/or forward head specialist (and scored with head) (137) and other 
scored by a forward and may be a winger non-head specialist with 
sufficient scoring skill.

Reviewing the texts and the rules I think that we should change "winger 
pass to forw." to winger pass to f/w".

> * 238 is mentioned, have you ever seen it?

I'm not sure, when I fond a 2xx chance or a 1xx goal I put the other in 
the code; and the winger S.E. is very rare and it's possible that I onlu 
found the 138.

I reviewed more than a hundred matches to get that S.E. but I'm sure 
that there are some ones that I didn't found, when a not know S.E. is 
shown in the viewed the code is shown in the viewer, I hope they will be 
reported in the conference.

> ---
> If you would like to comment on it, I can forward your comments to the
> conference.



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