[Mattricks] MatchViewerPage patch

Oscar Gustafsson oscar at lysator.liu.se
Tue Aug 17 10:15:02 CEST 2004

> I've make a patch to get more information from the event keys in the
> match viewer, file attached.
Thanks, really nice!

> I have a very basic english and this is my first time with python :-(
> the code and the text strings should be reviewed.
Looks good. There are, off course, things that can be written differently,
but it works and that's the most important thing! It takes a while to
learn all python's nice features.

> PS: Should I apply as a CHPP developer to send patchs for mattricks?
No, there is no need for that. However, if you would like to continue
developing Mattricks (which would be nice) we can set up cvs-access for
you, so that you can commit your own patches.

I have checked it in and is planning to make it optional (I try to make
most features optional), so expect one more check in, soon.


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