[Mattricks] re: Hattrick4Tux & Mattricks

Barry te Dorsthorst b.g.tedorsthorst at student.utwente.nl
Tue Oct 7 22:15:45 CEST 2003


Tnx for your ht-mail, I had noticed Mattricks last weak, also from the chpp 
page. I started developing ht4tux, because I couldn't find a linux-manager 
(before the chpp-thing started). Also, my Swedish isn't that good...(good 
thing you're making it in english also btw).

My intention is to just implement the very basic manager functions int ht4tux, 
because I haven't got time for a lot of programming. Ht4tux is almost 
finished btw.

I think Mattricks and ht4tux can live beside each-other very well and maybe 
there can be cooperation in the future. But for so long I think it will work 
out to just leave it like this.


ps: wanted you to mail by ht-mail, but it didn't fit :)

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