[Mattricks] New XML backend

Ragnar Ouchterlony ragnar at lysator.liu.se
Sun Dec 28 23:19:07 CET 2003

On Sun, 28 Dec 2003, Zazell Kroeske wrote:

> I use python2.2.2 on Mandrake 9.1, ill try to see if there is a newer
> version of python available. thnx anyway

Ok, seems there is no bsddb module in python2.2. It seems to be time to
completely drop support for python < 2.3, since there are some things we
use in newer versions that simply doesn't exist in python <= 2.2, for
example plural forms in gettext.

> btw, i updated the dutch translation (same url) with the plural forms
> translated manually

It still isn't better, so i will explain further how you should do it.

The places where there are plural forms is easily found by searching in
the file for places with msgid_plural.

Those places have the following form:

* The original text is in two forms: msgid and msgid_plural, where msgid
  contains the English text for a single item (examples: 1 week, You have
  1 life left) and the msgid_plural contains the text for several items
  (examples: 6 weeks, You have 17 lives left).

* The translated parts is also in two parts (for Dutch at least, there are
  other languages with more plural forms): msgstr[0] and msgstr[1] where
  msgstr[0] is the single form and msgstr[1] is the plural form.

By the way, you might want to use the nl.po from cvs, since that is
updated with the latest Mattricks.pot-data.


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