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Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo fenio at o2.pl
Sat Dec 13 18:35:11 CET 2003

On Sat, Dec 13, 2003 at 05:54:44PM +0100, Ragnar Ouchterlony wrote:
> > Sorry for so many mails but I've got another question.
> > Are you sure that team self confidence should have 7 positions?
> > I haven't found passable confidence in rules.
> No problem. There is confusion with these things since HT doesn't have the
> same amount of positions for every language. There was such problems with
> English -> Swedish.
Hmm ok, but I don't see this passable either in English or Polish.
> > Ok now it's clear for me. I suppose that I shouldn't touch those "tt"
> > strings? Only succeding string as it is done for Swedish?
> Precisely. They are there so they doesn't clash with other terms that have
> the same English name but might be translated differently in other
> languages.
Ok that's pretty obvious ;)
> > #: Mattricks/EconomyDialog.py:96
> > #, python-format
> > msgid "You have now %d economists employed."
> > msgstr ""
> >
> > This is not normal nominative case. It's genitive.
> > Here goes example how we say it in Polish:
> > 1 - ekonomiste
> > 2 -... - ekonomistow
> Yes, I see, I will change that.
> > Oh, and another thing. Mattricks doesn't show Polish character properly.
> > I assume that you have to change encoding while Mattricks detects Polish
> > locale settings. Even now when I don't have Polish messages in
> > Mattricks, I still have Polish names of players and Mattricks doesn't
> > show them properly.
> That is probably my bad. The problem is that wxPython isn't very good with
> UTF-8, so I have hardcoded into the program that it tries first to use
> ISO-8859-1 and if that doesn't succeed it uses UTF-8 for everything in the
> hrf:s and xml:s. It would be good to come up with a way to encode every
> name, perhaps by using the players country and use an encoding according
> to that. It is rather a difficult problem and everything would be solved
> by wxPython supporting unicode, which I think will happen with the 2.5
> release of wxPython.

BTW I've finished translation. It can be fetched from:
http://skawina.eu.org/pl.po  It's made on CVS version.

I wonder what about r/w access to your repository. Is it possible to get
it ? I could of course always put my translations on webpage, but it would 
be much easier to have access to repository ;)

I am not a programmer so I won't touch anything with .py suffix.
Don't worry I won't break anything. I'm trying to became Debian
developer right now too so I am pretty confidental reliable person.
I can send you encrypted password. I suppose that you're using pserver
access method?

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