[LSFF] Hitchhiker-filmen

Tommy Persson tommy.persson at liu.se
Fri Dec 24 01:11:45 CET 2010

Då vissa på pubmötet idag inte verkar minnas Hitchhikerfilmen ordentlig 
(de kom ihåg den som en OK film...) så letade jag reda på en recension 
som tar upp detta och varför humorn är så misslyckad:



Douglas Adams was a dialogue writer. That was his skill - writing great 
dialogue. And when he had written it, he would rewrite it again and 
again and again, changing a word here or there because he knew that good 
comedy writing is like poetry. It has a meter to it and when you get the 
right words in the right order it just sounds right and nothing else 
will do. Douglas’ dialogue was perfect. However, the makers of this 
film, despite all their talk of being faithful to Douglas’ intentions 
and ideals, have seen fit to piss about with his carefully crafted, 
wonderfully quotable lines.

To put it bluntly, they have cut most of the jokes out. I’m not being 
metaphorical here, they really have, in a very literal sense, removed 
the jokes from the story. There are scenes where all we’re left with is 
the set-up dialogue, there are jokes where we get the feed-line but not 
the punchline. It’s astounding. Occasionally, the filmmakers have 
actually bothered replacing the jokes but they have replaced them with 
really, really pisspoor, unfunny jokes; they have replaced them with 
stupid playground humour and pointless slapstick.

As well as being staggeringly unfunny - and Hitchhiker’s Guide really is 
one of the least funny comedy films ever made - the film also suffers by 
having an entirely nonsensical plot. It is driven by convenience and 
unexplained happenings. Characters just happen to be where they need to 
be and have what they need to have, even if it makes no sense for them 
to be there or to have that. Maybe it did make sense at one stage, but 
the film looks like it has had some heavy re-editing from the version 
seen in early previews and test screenings.

With a plot that makes no sense, and most of the explanatory Guide 
entries either missing or so heavily cut that they might as well be 
missing, I fail to see how anyone who wasn’t already completely familiar 
with Hitchhiker’s Guide could possibly follow what is going on. And 
those of us familiar with the story will just be incensed at the way 
that so much of it has been thrown out and replaced with unfunny, 
pointless crap.

This just doesn’t feel like Hitchhiker’s Guide. There’s no sense of a 
big crazy universe packed with weird lifeforms that somehow reflects our 
own world. Hitchhiker’s Guide has always been a Swift-ian satire but the 
makers of the movie have decided to ditch all that and replace it with 
pointless surrealism and crude physical comedy.

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