[LSFF] NoFF-nominering 2009

Jonas Wissting wiss at unx.nu
Sun May 3 18:24:17 CEST 2009

Gör som Bellis, nominera till årets NOFF!

Målkongress är norcon 23, http://norcon.fandom.no/

Deadline för nomineringar är satt till nu på fredag, 8/5.


On 30 Apr, Anders Bellis wrote:
> 090430
> Härmed nominerar jag Amelia Andersdotter som kandidat i årets
> NoFF-omröstning!
> Kör hårt,
> Bellis



Hey Joe, where you goin'
With that dogma in your head?
You can prove your point
But your kids will still be dead
Bring down the curtain
This soap opera must surely close
Before the cold wind blows

Hey Joe, where you going
With that gun in your hand
You can take your revenge
But you'll still feel bad
Bring down the curtain
This show must close
Before the cold wind blows


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