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Welcome to the Q2 edition of MEA Markets Magazine, your source
for the latest news, deals and developments across the Middle
East and Africa region.

In recent news, Riverbed®, The Digital Performance Company™,
recently announced the latest release of Riverbed SteelCentral
that redefines the application performance management (APM)
market with the industry's first unified APM and end-user
experience monitoring solution. This unique approach enables
organisations to monitor the digital experience for all
applications, and capture every application transaction at a
level of depth and quality that is essential for today's digital

In this month's issue we discover more about Peerless, a global
leader in designing and supplying a wide range of engineered and
power generating industries around the world. Taking time to
supply us with an overview of the company, is Peerless Managing
Director EMEA and Asia, David Baker who provides us with an
insight into the firm.

Elsewhere in this edition, Saudi German Hospital Dubai provides
expert medical care to residents and patients throughout the
Middle Eastern Region. We profiled the facility as we looked to
explore more about the secrets behind its remarkable

Also in this issue, Consolidated Shipping Services Group (CSS
Group) is one of the fastest growing NVOCC in the UAE region and
a global leader in international transport and logistics.
Recently, we profiled the firm to find out more and explore their
remarkable success throughout the years.

Here at MEA Markets, we sincerely hope that you enjoy reading
this issue and look forward to hearing from you.

By Jessica Daykin

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Preserving a Heritage of Excellence

Proserv is a global leader with a worldwide presence, offering a
fresh alternative in the delivery of engineering and technical
services to the energy, process and utility markets. We spoke to
Andy Anderson, Regional President MEA at Proserv, to find out
more about the company and its innovative services.

Read more ( http://ga.mea-markets.com/ga/click/2-18857277-287-3552-6439-6155-5c496da9c4-531b38d47d )

Compassion, Creation and Collaboration Combined

Saudi German Hospital Dubai provides expert medical care to
residents and patients throughout the Middle Eastern Region. We
profile the facility as we look to explore the secrets behind its

Read more ( http://ga.mea-markets.com/ga/click/2-18857277-287-3552-6439-6156-196670cb4b-531b38d47d )

Working Towards a Better Environment

Nautica Environmental Associates is primarily an ecological
consultancy with expertise in both the marine and terrestrial
environments of UAE, as well as the wider Gulf region. We spoke
to Richard J. Hornsby as we looked to gain an insight into the
services offered by the firm and what exciting services it

Read more ( http://ga.mea-markets.com/ga/click/2-18857277-287-3552-6439-6157-bec2045e61-531b38d47d )

Find out about our recently announced awards programs below!

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