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done.  In brief, M. Hewlett, you can go when you choose."

"M. Leroux," I answered, "I will say something to you for your own
sake, and Mme. d'Epernay's, that I would not deign to say to any other
man.  She is as pure as the best woman in the land.  I found her ,wandering in the street.  I saved her from the assault of your hired
ruffians.  I tried to procure a room for her at the Merrimac, and when
they refused her, I gave up my own apartment to her and went away."

"But you went back!" he cried.  "You went back, Hewlett!"

"I can tell you no more," I answered.  "Do you believe what I have said
to you?"
 ,He looked hard into my face.

"Yes," he said simply.  "And it makes all the difference in the world
to me."

And at that moment, in spite of all, I felt something that was not far
from affection toward the man.

"Pere Antoine will marry you?" I asked. ,"Yes," he replied.

"And her father?"

"Is safe in the _chateau_, playing with his wheel and amassing a
fortune in his dreams."
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