[Avalyn] Monster movie: "We're rubbish but we look nice on magazine covers"

David E.S.V. sanchez.de at pucp.edu.pe
Wed Jan 28 23:20:37 CET 2004


+ 20:01:04 We\'re rubbish but we look nice on magazine covers.+

Not us, we\'re brilliant, fit as frick, and we don\'t need stylists or anything. 
Shit, we don\'t even need hair. But some bands can\'t be as spunky as us, they 
have to tour & work hard or they have to try and con the kids.
Like Primal Scream, they needed streetcred and they weren\'t getting it by being 
a racist version of the Black Crowes. So they sacked the bloke who did the 
cover with them all dressed up like the KKK kissing the confederate flag and 
burning the crosses and got Johnny Rotten in to cut up nasty words 
like \'evil\' \'heat\', and \'detention\' and stick them on the Jolly Roger - when 
the sleeve\'s good the record\'s good. Right?
U2 had to get the singing gnome a pvc suit when they realised everyone was 
laughing at the Joshua Tree.
That person from Texas got a Ramones haircut so people thought they\'d just 
finished supporting Raging Spasmo at CBGB\'s and weren\'t still making records to 
sell at the checkout, whether you buy johnnies or a Texas record you wind up 
feeling a nob. 40 year olds dressed like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I bet her kid 
begs her not to pick it up from school - it prefers to take its chances with 
the perverts on the bus.
Consider MC5 after they heard the Stooges and they were all crying because Iggy 
was from the Moon and they were from Ascot or something. So they released all 
the tracks they wouldn\'t put on their proper albums because they were scared & 
claimed they\'d invented free jazz when in fact they\'d invented Tony Blair and 
killing children in the name of democracy. At least they realised The Doors 
were \'pussies\'. The Doors are a training band, one for small children who are 
bored with the charts but don\'t want to offend their parents when they play 
tapes in the car on the way to grandmas\'s.
We\'ve updated the recording updates thing, the link is below. We\'ve changed 
history already now we\'re changing the future and we\'re doing it for you. Shot 
through the heart. Cheers.

+ 23:12:03 Hey, Happy Christmas...Get yourselves laid.+
Look out for the \"Pacific Union of the Compilation Album\", a collaboration 
between Clairecords & Vinyl Junkie Recordings in Japan. An album 
outtake, \'Sweet Indie Rock\' will be on there and some other tracks by good 
bands with nice hair. \'To The Moon\' will be out in the New Year, we\'re putting 
the final touches to the packaging - thanking our dealers & hairdressers - so 
it\'s going to happen. Be nice to us now because by next year we\'re going to be 
playing lesbian facesuck with Britney, Christina & Thurston Moore. Save 
arseholes from Satan\'s power. Cheers.

+ 27:11:03 Still no news on release date for \'To the moon\' +
Still no news on the release of \'To The Moon\' our second debut album. Fans of 
Godspeed will be aware that all record labels support the weapons industry so 
we can only imagine that they are suppressing our album because it is AN 
UNSTOPPABLE FORCE FOR PEACE (FACT). Christmas is here and we shall soon have 
copies of our back catalogue for sale on the listen & buy page, you will notice 
that the prices have gone up, basically we\'ve upgraded our drug habits, 
someone\'s got to pay & it\'s never \'the talent\' 

+ News on \'Transistor\' the new mini album we are recording for Graveface 
records +
click here for news on the massive mini album we are working on, plus a couple 
of photos of us in creative mode

+ Important + 
Please start purchasing our CDs again. we\'re skint and we need to buy some 
soap. Cheers. 

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