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David E.S.V. sanchez.de at pucp.edu.pe
Mon Jan 26 10:38:43 CET 2004

I was asking the same to the list lot of times in the past... By then, Daren 
Golberg replied this to the list:

\"Hey there... strange request. By any chance do any of you know the lyrics to 
Slowdive\'s \"Hide Your Eyes\" (Souvlaki Outtake). I was trying to figure out 
the lyrics for David on the list, but I couldn\'t get past the first few 

Seeing you there
You don\'t look so good

There\'s nothing here
That makes it feel the way you should

The summer\'s gone
And you lost your way

Don\'t hide your eyes (?)
Seeing you cry makes me sad

It makes me think that I should hold you everyday.



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>Just wondering if anyone had lyrics to \"Hide Yer Eyes\" - if you do could
>you email them to me!  Thanks!
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