[Avalyn] hello!

Brendan Rice loveless at eircom.net
Fri Jun 13 23:13:52 CEST 2003

ah no, I'm still hanging out there.. lurking  -) I think this is only my
second or third post on this list.
I'm hoping to get some of old mbv site back up and running very very soon

I'll try and get at least one of those slowdive videos online by monday. the
quality is great, about 45mb each. I found them on soulseek originally so
anyone desperately looking for them in the mean time might try there.


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> Hey, Brendan. Haven't seen your name for awhile. Get tired of mbv-l? ;-)
> On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, Brendan Rice wrote:
> > checking in, and reporting for duty...
> >
> > got two nice mpegs of slowdive videos last week, Catch The Breeze and
> >
> >
> > brendan
> > loveless @ eircom.net
> > www.geocities.com/chloe_dancer.geo

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